Building a family with a London escort


Happiness comes when you have a family besides you. To build a great family is one of people’s dreams. All of us wants a life that is stable, and have someone that can be out partner for a lifetime. There are many reasons why people want to settle down, because having a won family is a priceless happiness. I am so lucky that I have a good wife and beautiful daughter. They are my inspiration in life; I get my strength from them. I will do anything for them, because at the end of life, family is one of the treasures in life. I married a London escort; I’m a lucky guy that this London escort marry me. Everyone knows about them since their popularity is everywhere. It just recently that I decided to live here in London to support my wife and don’t take her away from her land. I know how much she loves the place, this place means so much to her because this is where she earned money and changes her life. She came from Thailand, at the age of 16; she went here to find work that is when she discovers as a London escort. London escort told me everything she went through in the past, it was horrific. I understand her in every way because if I put myself in her position before, I do not know if I am alive now. She has gone through so much, but still she is a positive person.

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She told me that her being a London escort gives her hope to move on and change her life. Her past should not the reason of her falling down. I find her very interesting, the way she sees life is far different from mine. I easily discourage and disappointed, that is why I was castaway here in London to rebuild myself again. I book a London escort, timely it was her. Her name is Theresa; she is a beautiful lady with a beautiful personality. I love her simplicity; she is so true to herself. London escorts immediately identify the sadness in my eyes; this is why she does everything to put a smile on my face. London escort says that problems come and go; we have to move on in every dilemma we face in life. Sticking ourselves there won’t make any good, that day with London escorts hits me real. She is right, slowly I change myself. And start noticing that I am in love with a London escort. I keep coming back to London just to book a London escort. I feel like every time I see a London escort, I feel happy and love. I told London escorts my feelings, good thing we are the same. We are in a relationship for five years without break ups yet there still fighting. We cannot get away the fact that ours is perfect but it’s true. And then I asked her to marry me, to build our own family. She said yes to me and to my gift to her, we will lived here in London as much as she wants

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