Chelseaescorts – will the rain never end

Pilar from Spain is a seriously hot senorita who works for Chelsea escorts in, but sometimes she gets fed up with things. She loves being outside so the weather in London can sometimes get to her. ” There are some days when you think that it is never going to stop raining, she says. I wake up in the morning and it is raining, and when I go home from work, it is raining as well”, she laughs. I don’t miss Spain that much but I certainly miss our much better weather. It is just one of those things but can be important.


feels good with chelsea escorts

Fortunately Spain is not very far away, and I can easily get back by using services such as EasyJet or Ryan Air. They both fly into Barcelona and it is not expensive at all, Sometimes I even take a couple of my English friends from Chelsea escorts with me. We go out shopping and sight seeing in Barcelona. What most people don’t realize about Barcelona, is that it has its own beach. Going to the beach for a couple of hours is an important part of any visit to Barcelona for me. I do miss the beach a lot and the smell of the sea. Of course, we have the Thames but it isn’t the same thing as the beach and the sea.

Another thing I miss is the culture of eating out. Here everything feels really rushed. I love to eat out, but prefer eating late. My friends from Chelsea escorts love it when we are in Barcelona and go out for the dinner. Most of them are really in love with all of the sea food that you can get. We just eat for hours and drink good wine. Personally, I think that it is better than any health spa and I love the lifestyle.

Mind you, London is great as well. I love all of the concerts and the parks. If I could move the parks to Barcelona I would, it would just make it perfect. Secretly, I am a bit of an opera buff. My second name is Aida so I am sure that you can appreciate that it is part of the family as we say in Spain. A couple of my Chelsea escorts friends like the opera as well and we sometimes go together. It is such a rush to be able to enjoy a lovely opera.

I am not sure if I am always going to stay in London. The pull of Barcelona is strong. Yes, I will miss my friends from Chelsea escorts but they can always come and see in Barcelona. Barcelona is after all just a few hours flight away. it may surprise you, but I will also miss some of my regular dates. As a Spanish lady, I am very passionate and I care for a couple of my divorced gents very much. They have had a hard time and I like to help them. I will change phone numbers with them and when I leave they can come to visit. I will escort them around Barcelona, she laughs.

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