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Domination was not heard of in Southern England up until recently. Now, it is one of the most popular services with Eton escorts. It seems that a lot of the local gents seem to have become very interested in domination. Is a dark art? Even some of the girls at Eton escort services in Berkshire think that it is a dark art, but it is not. It is an art of pleasure in pain, and if you enjoy that, you should check out what the girls at Eton escort services have to offer you.


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Why has domination become such a popular dating experience? If you take a closer look at the art of domination, you can see that it is a way of letting go without losing control. Most well trained dominatrix ladies at Eton escorts like to make sure that you do not come to any harm during a session. In order to prevent going too far, they will give you a break or a safe word. When you use that during a session, the lady who you are spending time will know when to stop. That way, you are both in control, and you know that you are not going to get injured.
What sort of folk like domination? All sorts of people like domination, and here in my work at Eton escorts, I meet all sorts of people from all walks of life. I have to say that many of the gents who have really powerful jobs seem to like domination more than others. For them, it seems to be away of letting off some steam and letting go of stressful feelings and emotions that may have built up during the day. I would say that many of the gents that I meet up with during my shift at the escort agency, prefer to come to see me instead of going to the gym.
Why did I get into domination? I got introduced to domination when I used to date this guy who was into the occult. He was sort of a bit confused and thought that it was a dark art. I started to read about domination and found that it had nothing to do with the occult at all. It has actually been practised in places like Greece and Egypt for many thousands of years. Today, you will find that most professional dominatrix ladies work for organisations such as Eton escorts.
How do I introduce somebody to domination? When I meet a new gent at Eton escorts, I explain what domination is all about and I also explain how you practice it safely. Many of the gents that I meet think that you can just dive straight in but that is not true at all. I always start of slowly and once a gent is happy with a level, we step it yo. If you like I think that it is very similar to a gym work out, and give you a chance to exercise you other side in the company of a sexy companion like myself. It certainly turns me on and I know that many of my gents are delighted with the experience when they leave.

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