He is not into role play!

I love my boyfriend to bits, but he is not into role play. When we first met at a pub in London, I was really honest with him and told him that I worked for https://charlotteaction.org/charlton-escorts Charlton escorts. I explained that I specialised in role play, and I am afraid that he misunderstood me. The problem could be that he seems to think that role play is something that I just do at work. No, I love role play so much that I do it at home as well. I really do have a huge need for role play in my personal life.

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Why role play you may ask? I think that it may have something to do with the fact that I am a bit of a natural actress. All through my life, I have been taking on different characters and having fun with them. My mum always used to say that she did not who she was going to meet when I came home from school. Quite often, I used to dream up a different character on my way home to school. Of course, I took the idea with me to Charlton escorts.

A few years ago, I did not used to have so many different characters, but it seems that I have collected them over the years. Most of at the Charlton escorts that I work are capable of getting the naughty little school girl right, but I have a lot more characters that I can offer to my gents. It is important to be as versatile as possible, so I do the normal and what I have started to call the standard characters as well. I am sure you will enjoy them, but my special characters are good as well.

Lots of guys that I date at Charlton escorts are really into Hentai. It is the latest big craze here in London so I have decided to make the most of it. I have created a couple of special characters from the sexy world of Hentai. At first, I did not think that gents would go for them, but they certainly have. Some gents are really hooked on Hentai, and the fact that they can come to meet some of them characters, must turn them on like mad.

It took me ages to put my Hentai characters together but I had a great time doing it. I spoke to some of the gents that I date at Charlton escorts, and they told which were the most popular characters in Hentai. After that I started to read lots of Hentai magazines and even checking some of the characters out online. It was a lot of fun, and now I am a rather established Hentai addict. I think that I like Hentai just as much as many of my fine gents do. Well, at least we have fun playing together which is a lot more than I can say for my boyfriend. He so does not get the fact that I love Hentai.

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