I want to be free when it comes to love.

For the last five years I have been in a relationship with a guy who liked to call himself my Sugar Daddy. I guess he was in a way, and it did really spoil me, but in the end I got tired of him. When I was not at London escorts, he wanted to spend every moment with me, and in the end it got to be too much. Breaking up with my Sugar Daddy was not easy, and not really what I wanted to do, but it felt like he tried to control my life.

It all came to a climax when he told me one morning that he did not want to me to work for London escorts anymore. I just told him that is what I did for a living, and working for London escorts was something that I actually got a kick out of when it came down to it. Sure, it may sound a bit strange that you actually enjoy escorting, but many of London escorts do really enjoy working as escorts in London. It can be what I would call a rather exciting job.

Working for the best escorts agency charlotte London escorts gives you a sense of freedom, and I could not give up that. It felt like that was all I had left. As soon as I finished my shift at night, my Sugar Daddy wanted me to spend time with him. I just felt like I was trapped in the end. Before I had met my Sugar Daddy, I had enjoyed spending time with both men and women. As soon as we hooked up, it was like I did not have time for me anymore and I missed my friends both at London escorts and privately.

I am pretty sexually liberated, and I enjoy making love to both men and women. My Sugar Daddy did realise I was bisexual but it was not a need that he really acknowledged. Sure, I had a good time in his company to start with, but I also realise that I was missing out on partying with the girls at London escorts. Before my Sugar Daddy ‘took over” my life, I really did used enjoy spending time with my friends and making the most out of the London escorts lifestyle.

Has things changed since I split up with my Sugar Daddy? Yes, things have certainly changed and I am not sure that I like all of the changes. However I am glad that I can truly be myself again and I realised that was missing out of my life. I am once again free to spend time with who I like, and if I would like to enjoy a lazy morning in bed with one of my girlfriends from London escorts, that is exactly what I do. There is no way I am going to let anyone tie me down in my life again, and if you were in my shoes, I am sure that you would realise what I mean.

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