London escorts and Luxury Cars is a real winning combination.

The truth is that London Escorts love Luxury Cars, and the owners of Luxury Cars love London escorts. During the summer when the Arab bad boys are in town, London is full of Luxury Cars. Believe it or not. a lot of the Arab bad boys actually ship their Luxury Cars from Abu Dhabi to London.

Do London escorts have their own favorite Luxury Cars? You bet, they do. Many London escorts from that I have spoken to have their own favorite Arab bad boy and love his super car just as much.

What is so special about Luxury Cars? First of all, they look really great. Number two, like a couple of London escorts said to me – they go like the clappers. If, you are not familiar with British English that may sound like a strange expression. Basically it means that the cars just go really fast.

The Arab bad boys love showing off their cars and flashing their cash, and they are probably two of the reasons why so many sexy escorts in London love them. But, Arab bad boys may be a bit flashy, however, at the same time, many of them are really nice and do like to look after their dates.

Arab bad boys and Luxury Cars

Reading the English press over the summer, you would be excused for thinking that London turns into little Dubai. Arab and Middle East countries do get really hot during the summer, and the wealthier resident tend to go and live somewhere else. London has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping and entertainment, and this is why you will find so many Arab bad boys in London.

The boys tend to turn up in early July and stay to late August. When they leave, so do their Luxury Cars. If you ever visit London in July or August you would think it is a very expensive car show. There are certain areas of London such as Kensington and Mayfair which just seemed to be packed with Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins. The vast majority of these cars will belong to the Arab bad boys.

Take a little closer look, and you will also find that the cars have some very glamorous occupants. The girls sitting in the passenger’s front seat are certainly not from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. A lot of the girls are blondes, the Arab bad boys, do have a thing about blonde girls.

The girls who grace these cars are not just anybody. Many of the girls will be some of London top escorts, and the Arab bad boys like to make block bookings.

That means that they may even book up one or more escorts for the entire summer period. Why? Quite simply they can afford it and they don’t want anybody else to date their favorite escorts.

No expense is spared when the Arab bad boys come to down. Last year one Arab bad boy brought a very special Lamborghini to London. Guess what? It had been wrapped in gold leaf – you certainly wouldn’t want to damage the pain work on that car!

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