My Life as a Trophy Wife

Most of my former colleagues at London escorts think that I have fallen on my feet and lead a life of complete luxury since I left London escorts. In many ways that is exactly what I do, but there are also days when I wonder what is different between my current lifestyle and working for London escorts. I thought my husband was going to love me to bits, but there are days when I feel just like a trophy wife. It is more like he owns me than actually loves me.

I knew that I was coming to the end of my London escorts career when I hit 32 years old. Most girls don’t stay on with London escorts much later than the age of 28, but I had known precious little else than working for an escort agency in London. When I met my Les, I thought that I had found my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I fell for him right away, and it seemed very much like he could afford to provide me with the kind of lifestyle I was looking for. In many ways, I have found the right lifestyle for me, but there is something missing. I had worked for London escorts for a long time, and during that time I had become very independent. The gentlemen I dated did spoil me, but when I sit down and think about it, life is about much more than glad rags and handbags.

I thought my life after charlotte action escorts was going to be different from what it is now. It feels very much like I am still an escort and the feeling can sometimes leave me with a sour taste in my mouth. The other day I realised that my married life is not a million miles away from working for London escorts. I get up in the morning, do some exercise and go shopping. If I am going out on a business date with my husband I may have my hair done and buy a new dress. My married life seems to follow the same pattern as it did when I worked for London escorts.

Nothing very much has changed and I feel disappointed. It would be nice to have kids, but I would even dare to bring up the matter of kids until I was completely sure about the future of my relationship with my husband. Some days it even feels like my husband is not letting me into his life.

I know that he must work hard to run his company, but it does feel like he is shutting me out. Maybe I am just the blonde from London escorts as far as he is concerned. I have tried to talk to him about it and told that I would like to do something meaningful. He did not seem to get the drift of what I was telling him and looked at me in a funny way. Perhaps I am his blond trophy and should accept that I will never before anything more.

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