My Own Hedonistic Resort

I started to visit Hedonism II in Jamaica on a personal basis a couple of years ago. For me, it was kind of a Disneyland for consenting adults. Just like Disneyland they arrange events and parties for adults but Mickey Mouse is nowhere in sight. I told my friends at London escorts about it, and gradually a few of them started to visit as well. After a few of my colleagues at London escorts had started to enjoy the resort as well, we started to come up with this crazy idea.

What if we could recreate something like Hedonism II staffed by London escorts? Needless to say London does not really have the weather for it, and the rest of the UK is pretty challenged as well.

However, it is so popular to date London escorts that there must be a solution out there somewhere. We even approached our boss at the London escorts service that we work for but he thought that we were nuts.

It was clear that this was going to be a huge challenge and it was also a matter of raising the money for the project. That was going to be the biggest problem of all of them. My colleagues and I at London escorts thought it may not work but that was until one of the charlotte escorts girls from this site came up with an idea. She suggested that we tried to aim for a London Hedonism resort in the form of a day spa or weekend spa. Almost a bit like a health farm staffed exclusively by London escorts.

Finding the right property was not going to be easy, Running my London escorts boudoir costs a small fortune and London is overall very expensive when it comes to running a business. We started to look around at different locations around London, and found that if we pooled our London escorts resources, we could afford to buy or lease a building in the South of London. But, it was not going to be an easy journey.

Today, a couple of months later, we have a much clearer picture of what we would like to achieve. Our London escorts version Hedonism is going to be an old detached Victorian town house in Richmond. It is a hell of an undertaking and we are still working in the idea. The good thing is that the property stands on its own a little bit so we don’t have to worry too much about what the neighbours think. Hopefully with a little bit of more work, and that means us London escorts picking up our paint brushes, we can get it going. I am sure that in a few months you will be able to read all about it in the papers. As far as we are concerned, it is a pretty unique concept. Not even Richard Branson has ventured into the territory of hedonistic weekend breaks, but it could be something that we will be able to pull off. After all, we have got the relevant experience.

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