She never told me that she was biexual!

When I first started to go out with my new girlfriend, I did not realise that there is another side to her. I did think that she had an awful lot of girlfriends but I did not have a clue that she was bisexual, and worked for London escorts for couples. When I found out, I was really taken back and it was hard to handle the situation. Then she started to turn me on with her girlfriends, and I became intrigued by her sexuality.

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Bisexual girls are something that us guys talk about a lot. A lot of guys dream about having a bisexual girlfriend, but once you find out that your girlfriend is bisexual, how would you feel then. At first I felt rather shocked and did not know how to handle the situation. Should I stop having sex with her and tell her that I did not think that our relationship was for me at all. At the same time, I thought her friends at escorts for couples were really hot.

It did not take me long to realise that I was kind of fascinated by her life style. In the past I had heard a lot about escorts in London, but I had never expected to end up with an escort as a girlfriend. The fact that she was happy to tell me she specialised in escorts for couples really surprised. At first I did not realise what escorts for couples was all about, and then I could not believe that a service like that could exist in London. I was becoming more and more intrigued.

I have not told any of my friends that my girlfriend is bisexual or works for escorts for couples. When she first told me, I thought about telling them, but I felt that it was not right. I know many of the guys are fascinated by bisexual women, but they may also find my girlfriend sexuality a little bit too much to handle. That is what I did when we first started to talk about it. Believe me there is a lot to having a relationship with a bisexual girl.

If your girlfriend is bisexual, you may even feel a bit inadequate at times. I did feel like that, and even worse when she told me she worked for escorts for couples. What I really don’t understand is how my girlfriend can be so great in bed when she is bisexual. She is truly awesome in bed, and the stuff she does to me when we have sex are just amazing. I really did not know that girls like her were for real, but apparently they are. She is truly kinky, and I tell you what, she has taught how to be kinky as well. I love it, and kinky sex is often on the menu when she comes home from work.

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